Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Few Hours In Uganda

Well today is my first day in Uganda and I'm still unsure of what to expect. My flight got in  at 10:30 but I had to wait for my traveling companions Ben and Elaine until 3:30 a.m because that's when their plane landed. I waited patiently (yeah I know that's hard to believe) for them in a small cafe on the ground floor of the airport. As soon as Ben and Elaine arrived, our friend from Pilgrim picked us up and took us to our hotel in Kampala. Our ride was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, maybe even an New York City taxi ride to say the least. We dodged plenty of cars, people and motorcycles but we made it in one piece. We got to the hotel around 5 a.m and settled down. The rooms were very comfortable and so was breakfast. We ate breakfast just down the street from our hotel that included sausages, bread, fresh fruit ( the mangos were amazing but I'm not sure if Ben and Elaine can attest to that because I think I ate the last 2), fresh fruit  juice, potatoes, and tea. So far our trip has gone well and everyone we've met has been very hospitable.

About 15 minutes ago, we had our first preliminary meeting with Pilgrim in which we talked about our expectations and goals for the trip. They seem just as excited as we are in this partnership. We'll probably walk around Kampala tonight and grab some dinner and then we'll be off to Soroti tomorrow.


P.S We'll add photos tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for these updates, Tyler and Elaine. We will follow this blog from Seattle with great interest. Take care, have fun, do good work and be safe,
    Paula Lozano-Drachman (Ben's mom)

  2. Tyler, Ben, Elaine, we cannot wait for pictures!!! And embrace Paula's fantastic advice. Eric MacDonald (Elaine's dad)