Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ben Loves the Kids

After a long day of business modeling we played with the community. We left the community with a soccer ball, a tennis ball, and a polaroid picture to remember us by.


  1. Tyler, Elaine, Benjamin-These photos are a great Father's Day present to the dads in your audience (Sunday 6/15 is the actual date). Keep up the great blogging and posting photos. It's wonderful to hear and see what you are working on and the interesting places you are going.

    Hey Benjamin, Are headers more difficult with a tennis ball than a soccer ball? Ghana plays in the World Cup today--is Siroti watching?

    Paula (Ben's mom)

  2. You are all such wonderful storytellers! I read the entries and suddenly the temperature in the room starts rising, I start swatting imaginary mosquitos and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat but then y'all post a picture and all look so beautiful and serene. There's quite a contrast between the picture you paint with your words and the actual pictures you post.